1. sowhatelseisnew:

    Slouchy posing, there was probably something extremely interesting on the ground.

    Reblogged because of awesome. You really don’t get to see Erik not looking fabulous…

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  2. The vintage floral tie. 

  3. I got the POWer, made possible by suitsupply

  4. guaizine:

    GUAIzine at #PITTIUOMO86 by @pitti_immagine 

    #PHOTO by male® #June ‘14


    Mr. Weinas, ladies & gents.

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  5. sartorialway:

    Wiwt 28-06

    Amazing jacket.

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  6. Office staples.

  7. The lil´ Gatsby. 

  8. wgsn:

    It’s all about the utility vest and that relaxed French workwear aesthetic as seen at Bread & Butter #Berlin

    WGSN street shot, Bread & Butter spring/summer 2015

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    Somehow this is very appealing.

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    The easy things are always the hardest to achieve.

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  10. Valid.

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  11. woodburning:

    Norfolk jacket

    This is exactly what my upcoming three pc tweed suit will look like.

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  12. What i want to ride.

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    Go to www.punkmonsieur.com and subscribe for the latest sales and content .. 😉

    This is very good.

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  14. Legit.

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  15. Reblogging this because this deserves more notes. 




    MNSWR MEN: Mr Wale Soluade

    Mr. Wale Soluade is just your everyday man stumbling – somewhat carefully – through his love affair with menswear. You may also know him as A Curated Man.

    Well damn.

    This is very kind.

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