1. The opera getup. “Ah! Godiamo, la tazza e il cantico la notte abbella e il riso; in questo paradiso ne scopra il nuovo di”. La traviata di Guiseppe Verdi. #menswear #mensweardaily #ootd #wiwt #style #fashion #instastyle #instafashion

  2. Mr. Flaccavento, ladies and gents. 

    Seeing this picture makes me think of Signore Antongiavanni´s book: The Suit: A Machavallian Approach to Men´s Style. The author has a witty way to deal harsh blows of criticism at this targets, e.g. saying that young guys should never wear bowties or that their lapels should generally rise up to their collarbones. 

    Yet this picture shows that you shouldn´t take things too seriously - just because someone writes a book, he does not necessarily postulate the ultimate truth.

    Read, learn and find your own way. 


    Angelo Flaccavento, … Paris, Champs Elysées

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  3. Strange postures. 


    i don´t know what went wrong today, but somehow i feel like i am looking a bit stout in these pictures. Must be the bad lightning or something. Not that i would bother you much, but tomorrow´s gonna be the last outfit post for the next couple days - i am heading home to celebrate the easter holidays with my family and my closet will stay right where it is. 

    To even top that of, i am attending the opera tomorrow evening: it´s “La Traviata” time. 

    You guys have fun. 


  4. Kleidsam on Sale

    This two lovelies are now up on ebay for sale! Both pure cotton (the left being Seersucker), double breasted, never worn #SuitSupply goods. 

    Go check them here:

    Suit Supply 46 / 36 Seersucker double breasted suit

    Suit Supply 48 / 38 Pure Cotton double breasted jacket

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, 

    please meet Fabio Attanasio, fashion author and style arbiter elegantarium. 


    Superman blue

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  6. #Featuresunday: It’s time to feature yet another impeccably dressed gentleman to enrich your feed, esteemed followers. If you love menswear inspirations as much as i do, go check one of my newest followers, the ever so stylish @antoninoubaldocaltagirone - he has a great sense of mixing and matching and i enjoy every bit of his sense of style! regram @antoninoubaldocaltagirone #menswear #mensweardaily #style #fashion #instastyle #instafashion #inspiration #styleinspiration

  7. In tune with the season. #menswear #mensweardaily #ootd #WIWT #suitsupply

  8. Comfy friday - blues and purples all over the place. 

    Enjoy your weekend, guys!

  9. Y´all love that door, don´t you? 


    a little play with green, blues and charcoal today…

  10. Great stuff. 


    Giampaolo Alliata

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  11. You gotta show love for your team. 


    my team´s fighting off Manchester today to rise to the quarter finals in glory. I am fully supporting the mission by wearing my equipe´s colours red, blue and white. Forza la bestia negra!

  12. Totally not taking the weather into account. 


    dressing up as if it´s 30° degrees outside while in reality the temperature doesn´t jump over the 12° hurdle: dumb. 

  13. Post-weekend kit. 


    a play on white, browns and blues today and my mind settled on things to come…

  14. Oh good lawd. 


    Drake’s Wool/Hemp Houndstooth Jacket, Cleeve Shirt, Brown Sleeveless Cashmere Cardigan, Rust Knit, Linen Pocket Square and Panama Hat with Tussah Silk Band.

    Available at No.3 Clifford Street.

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  15. Jup. 

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