1. Same same, but different. #menswear #mensweardaily #ootd #wiwt

  2. Doing what you love / love what you are doing. 

    My weekend will see me spending time on two things i love the most: fashion and music. Once more i will try to make our planet´s population (or at least the northrhine-westfalian based male fraction of it) look better, outfitting them with shirts and suits that bring out the best in them. Great to see intangible ideas turning into physical matter - and guiding their creators along the path (this sounds pretentious, i know - but it sounds so much better than saying “I am selling MTM suits ;-)). If you feel like creating your own and could use some help - come along, i am @ Sons of Savile Row until 5 p.m.

    The focus of the day´s second half and the adjacent night will rest upon music - i am part of the local university´s choir, which will conduct Tolga Kashif´s “Queen Symphony” at the Tonhalle Düsseldorf. I have been told the venue is sold out and we´re to expect an audience of more or less 1.800 people, potentially causing seldom signs of stage fever. Good we have doctors, lawyers, psychologists and philosophers amongst our voices. 

    You guys have a lovely weekend yourself and don´t forget: do more of what makes you happy and less of what makes you sad. 

  3. Proper morning dress, sharply executed by Emperor Akihito. Fun fact: the Emperor is not only master of dress, but has published several volumes on ichthyological research, specializing in studies within the taxonomy of the family Gobiidae


    Imperador do Japão

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  4. Perfection.


    The Waning Weeks Of The Three Piece Suit.

    Thursday meetings in box check Lesser Golden Bale flannel.

  5. #FeatureFriday: Today I am starting a new series called feature Friday to highlight some of the amazing chaps here on instagram, which I highly recommend following. @p__bienaime marks the start with his fresh take on classic pieces. I especially like his way to throw in odd vests from time to time and how he makes me think about wearing horsebit loafers… regram @p__bienaime
    A few past favorites.. #mensweardaily #menswear #styleinspiration #style #fashion (hier: garconalamode.com)

  6. "Wearing a bow tie is a way of expressing an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think."

    Would you consent?

    Also: i am 6 followers away from making the 2.000…anyone volunteering?

  7. Sing-a-longs. 


    today´s title refers to the fact that i was rehearsaling for yet another concert with the choir, coming upt this saturday night. We´ll conduct the “Queen Symphony” by Tolga Kashif - a piece that sounds good from a musical perspective, but is rather dull to sing. There´s only one more rehearsal before the big show and needless to say, tension slowly starts up building…

    Apart from that, my guitar playing is still a bloody mess, as i am not practicing enough. The latest piece i am concurrently trying to master is “Beautiful girl” by William Fitzsimmons, but the string picking pattern is a rather tricky one…

    Speaking of tricky ones: you need to remind yourself sometimes that nobody is worth your attention who does not appreciate it. I am trying to live by that mantra everyday, more or less successfully. 

  8. Forza FCB!

    Out for a night at the pub, watching my team beating Manchester, wearing the lovely bright red socks from Meschaussettesrouges.com. They´re absolutely stunning, perfectly fitting and of a lighter weave (which is what i prefer - you can read more about the maker of these fine socks here). 

  9. Pocketsquare Origami.

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  10. Suits n´ secrets. 

    Last saturday i started my part time job at Sons of Savile Row - and what a tremendously good idea that was!

    I really enjoyed being on the spot, helping two customers to create their dream suits. Even the more so because one of the two really went all the way and ordered a cutaway with dark purple lining and a light grey linen vest. I bet this one is going to look hella fine…

    So, if you need a new suit (regardless of it´s form) and would like me to help you in the endeavour: come met me @ Sons of Savile Row in Düsseldorf.   

    The weekend ended with learning the hard way that trust is nothing you should credit someone with easily. A good lecture for the future and to the person who did it: relationship over.

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    Spring?!? Is that you bro?! - New blog post on aCuratedMan.com // Check out the details on the blog and subscribe for updates.

  12. Can you guys just please consider to come to Germany?


    We’re pleased to announce the USA premiere screening of I Colori Di Antonio, our documentary about Antonio Liverano directed by Gianluca Migliarotti of O’Mast fame. The screening will be on the 3rd of April at the SVA Theatre in Chelsea at 6.45PM, followed by a Q&A with the director and refreshments afterwards. It’s always fun to connect with people interested in tailoring. Antonio is one of the legends of the industry and it’s been a pleasure to tell his story to the world.

    Tickets are available from our website here.

  13. Been there, done that. 

    Among the most loveliest places in the world. 


    Great hiking in the nelson national park with beautiful views over the rotoiti lake. follow me for similar posts


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  14. By all standards human, it´s probably blasphemy to even dare criticizing VOX, but could those pants use some leg tapering?


    Spring?  Really?

    Melton shawl lapel pea coat by Nom de Guerre, Begg cashmere scarf, Madova gloves, 45RPM Sorohikos, Alden unlined chuks, and Randolphs.

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  15. TGIT

    Kids, looking forward to the upcoming weekend - got heaps of plans (wining, dining, climbing, cycling, playing, selling, laughing, hugging, etc.) to bring to life. 

    What are your plans?