Kids, looking forward to the upcoming weekend - got heaps of plans (wining, dining, climbing, cycling, playing, selling, laughing, hugging, etc.) to bring to life. 

    What are your plans? 

  2. Sneak peak of today’s #WIWT. The full story tonight…

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  3. Very good. 



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  4. Amazing.


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  5. So this is it. Or something different entirely.

    As you can tell by the pictures, today i chose to wear the green pair of socks that has been gifted to me by Mr. Tiberghien of Meschaussurerouges.com (you find the respective article here). They are truly of exceptional quality - dyed in a vibrant colour, sticking to the calves without being constricting. I felt very comfortable wearing them…and are looking forward to give the red pair a try soon. 

  6. Sneak peak of today’s #WIWT. #menswear #mensweardaily #suitsupply More to come later on kleidsam.tumblr.com.

  8. Ugh. 

    Not satisfied with today´s colourwork. Additionally, i neither was able to capture their true shades….hence the “black and white” edition of today´s WIWT. 

  9. Awesome. 


    Windowpane + Linen

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  10. Among the chosen few. 


    i am kind of excited: i have been thinking about seeking a career in the fashion industry for quite some time now…and when the opportunity presented itself, i grabbed it. I am thrilled to announce that i soon start to work for Sons of Savile Row, a young and fresh MTM business located in Düsseldorf. I´ll work as a consultant to help people find / create their dream suit…pretty exciting and i am really glad the guys over there let me help them…we´ll see how it works out, but i am pretty damn sure we´ll have a lot of fun :-)

    As for today´s outfit: admittedly, it was pretty cold, the temperature only being about 7-10 degrees Celsius…yet i have decided to not bring out the “cold weather garb” back to the game, but rather hope that the sun will eventually stay for a bit longer….

    How´s your week starting of so far? 


  11. mickey992 asked: Sehr sehr schön! Wo lässt Du schneidern?


    Die meisten meiner Sachen sind OTR, also von der Stange - ich hab nur ein wirklich “gemachtes” Teil, das ist der sandfarbene Zweireiher von Suit Supply (der hier). Eins meiner Lieblingsstücke…;-)


  12. Der Mann weiß wovon er spricht ;-)

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  13. Excitement unfolding. 

    Stay tuned for more information!

  14. Blogger´s delight: colourful socks

    Ever since i started blogging about my daily errands and the respective garments, i have been obsessed with vividly coloured socks. Clearly, the faint of heart will have a hard time admiring stockings in dashing, bold shades like burgundy red or moss green - however incorporating them in your wardrobe has a rewarding effect (if you like making fashion statements and being recognized by your peers).

    It is because of this love that i was thrilled to have been contacted by Mr. Jacques Tiberghien of the french based retailer meschaussettesrouges.com, asking me if i was interested in reviewing a pair of their fine knee-high socks. I didn´t hesitate too long to accept this generous offer and here they are: a lovely pair from Bresciani, coming in a deep burgundy red with yellow-gold threads and a dark moss green pair made by Mazarin

    The online store deals with various other brands, too. The most famous one being Gammarelli, who have a long withstanding history of outfitting the feet of god´s own representative on earth, the pope. I bet he wouldn´t wear anything less than divine quality, right? 

    Bresciani, the maker of the lovely red pair gifted to me, has been in the business for more than 40 years and shurely does not come second in terms of quality and durability. Over the next few weeks, i´ll put that to the test - yet forseeing the result. 

    Mazarin, creator of the green pair, is a great example of how joint efforts bring to life a great product: the brand is an offspring of Alain Stark, creative tailor mastermind of the Paris-based, Rue de la Paix located company Stark and Sons and a team of inventive sock makers. As with Bresciani, i don´t expect any less joy in wearing them to the fullest. 

    As mentioned previously, you will see the two pairs being aired over the next few weeks in my daily outfits. Stay tuned to learn how my wearing experience turns out! :-)

  15. Pan-european meeting kit with the beloved suitsupply mtm coat.