1. iqfashion:

    Wicket - F/W 2013/2014

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  2. Casual done right…perfect Look!

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  3. lacasuarina:

    Happy St. Pats.

    Vintage cashmere SC
    Borrelli SC
    Vintage Brooks Brothers tie
    Tom Ford PS
    Random thrifted vest
    Creed (what else) Green Irish Tweed

    Spoo radiating magnificence…

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  4. letsgotodinner asked: Great blog! What kind of fabric/weave is that red sport coat made of?

    Cheers bud!

    It´s more of salmon pink, i´d say. The fabric is a mixture of linen, cotton and silk and comes in a herringbone weave. 

  5. "…but in the end, it doesn´t really matter."

    And because that´s what it´s like, sticks and stones don´t brake my bone. Alas, i am starting the next episode.

  6. And that´s how you do casual cool in style. 


    Nice little loafers~

    Quite a subdued look overall, the pocket square doesn’t shout but is still a clever detail.

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  7. Oh my…

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  8. Hunting high and low


    i had a great weekend - with some time on my own friday night, an early start into saturday with appointments at the hairdresser and the guitar hero. Additionally, a friend of mine helped me setting up the closet in the cellar, so the chaos down in the crypt is reduced to a minimum. I was active throughout sunday, riding my bike around town (a nice 40 km run with my race bike, to be precise) and cooking for a special guest on sunday night. 

    Not much to say clothwise today: the combination of blue / grey / white and burgundy is not very inventive, but who cares? I´d rather stick with the basics and look well-dressed day in, day out, than peacocking around just for the show of it. 


  9. A man of outstanding taste, i highly recommend following @erikmannby! regram @erikmannby
    #Tweed from #Magee, flannel from #OscarJacobson, shoes from #Meermin, shirt from #Stenströms & tie from #Etro

  10. They see us ridin…#bergamont #rideordie #sundayisfunday #workout

  11. Awesome look by @acuratedman - I would have ditched the lapel flower tho. regram @acuratedman
    Today at the Office: Refining Details. #menswear #mensweardaily


  12. Always helping a fashion bro / sis out! 

    Conducted the research myself and so should you.


    Hi to all of my followers! I am currently conducting a research project for university on the effects of tumblr menswear blogs on consumer opinions and perceptions of brands. The project will go towards some real analytical results of what blogs show, how they affect us and what brands can do to…

  13. Downtown gent with the checked flannel suit by suitsupply

    Yeah, these socks are orange. 

  14. Great fit. 


    In a rush - hence the naked wrists.

    suit - Brooks Brothers Milano, shirt - BB, tie - BB, ps - KW linen, shoes - BB Peal & Co Double Monk, belt - Coach, links - T&Co

  15. The Comeback Kid. 

    Today´s double-breasted, washed cotton sport coat by suitsupply serves as a good example for how certain details can decrease the formality of your jacket. 

    First, there is the number of buttons: the 4x1 combination isn´t seen as much as the 6x1 setting. Not that it doesn´t exist - it´s just not that common. 

    Additionally, the pocket style: we´re dealing with patched ones here, whereas a classic db would feature jetted (very sober) or flap pockets (still sober but not as much). 

    Thirdly, the fabric itself is very down to earth, the washed cotton offering an easy, not too soft grip, perfect for the casual use.

    What´s your take on it - do you like it?