1. The Comeback Kid. 

    Today´s double-breasted, washed cotton sport coat by suitsupply serves as a good example for how certain details can decrease the formality of your jacket. 

    First, there is the number of buttons: the 4x1 combination isn´t seen as much as the 6x1 setting. Not that it doesn´t exist - it´s just not that common. 

    Additionally, the pocket style: we´re dealing with patched ones here, whereas a classic db would feature jetted (very sober) or flap pockets (still sober but not as much). 

    Thirdly, the fabric itself is very down to earth, the washed cotton offering an easy, not too soft grip, perfect for the casual use.

    What´s your take on it - do you like it?

  2. A perfect “Alan Flusser” look. Well done, chap!


    Fresh new coat of polish on da wheels. Fully buckled.

  3. Shoeporn. 


    Crockett & Jones Double Monkstrap with a amazing toecap brogue. @crockettjones #featured #crockettjones #crockettandjones #shoemaker #england #footwear #monkstrap #brogue #theshoemakerworld

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  4. Exactly this. 



    Cyril Ritchard, 1934

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  5. I am not a big fan of checked shirts, yet this look distilles the essence of Ralph Lauren. 


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  6. Yes, please. 

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  7. Sneak peak of today’s Getup, including the cotton DB coat by @mrsuitsupply #wiwt #ootd #menswear #mensweardaily #instafashion #style #fashion #instastyle #suitsupply

  8. The one and only Woostgod. regram @scotch_plainwater
    Nick Wooster illustrated by Uli Knörzer

  9. Apart from the shoes, i really digg this one. 



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  10. Auf geht´s ihr Roten!

    Tonight my football team (Bayern Munich, that is) is playing against Arsenal in the eighth final of the european Champions League - my team´s colours being blue and red, hence today´s get-up. Additionally, i could make use of my new pocket square, the lovely blue and red thing growing from my breast pocket.

    I am still overwhelmed how many new followers i made on Instagram over the past few days…wanna join?

  11. He´s got the blues…

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  12. Holy moly….what a great look! 


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  13. Suit Supply for the win. This is an example of a classic, essential piece that shouldn´t be missing in any man´s closet. 

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  14. It works perfect, Theo. I especially love the detail on the sc, never saw that belted look on a double-breasted coat. It´s a common feature on riding / shooting gear (Norfolk jackets, e.g.), but this jacket certainly wasn´t intended for that purpose. 



    Another early spring day led me to this cream linen & grey flannel combination. The beautiful sunshine meant some bolder accessories could be used, a label heavy (for me) mix of Tom Ford tie, Vivienne Westwood square & Ralph Lauren Purple Label sports coat.

    Of special interest to me is this great linen coat, with its vintage inspired pleated & belted back. Made from an old fashioned heavy cloth, half lined, with bell shaped patch pockets & oversized mother of pearl buttons. All these details and their historic references encourage my natural tendencies towards a 20’s & 30’s mode of dressing, this can easily veer towards costume if not kept in check, so today I did my best to limit other ‘vintagey’ notes, keeping it to just the dandyesque spectator shoes, no hat, no bow-tie, no pocket watch.

    I hope it works…

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