1. Dressed up for a labor day stroll with the lovely I. Welcome to the pack, @sanayei_trading, @tilletill, @mirkolaflamme, @kevinberlow and @hangintau! #menswear #mensweardaily #ootd #wiwt #nofilter

  2. Pre-labour day choir attire. #mensweardaily #menswear #suitsupply #ootd #wiwt #instastyle #instafashion #fashion #style

  3. The classic #airport #selfie. Yay… #menswear #mensweardaily #wiwt #ootd (hier: Zürich Airport (ZRH))

  4. #Featuresunday: A lot of IGers i follow do work in the fashion industry or have an adjacent occupation. While i do love to see professionals, i enjoy seeing ordinary Joes like me dressing up just as much. My man @shslove84 is killing it on the daily and if you like to see well balanced combinations with a loving eye for detail, i highly recommend following him! #menswear #mensweardaily #styleinspiration

  5. Worn yestetday - spring is in, obviously.

  6. For the love of god. 

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  7. And this is how it should be done.

    Gieves & Hawkes FW2013 ready-to-wear. Hand tailored in the UK, sold exclusively at No. 1 Savile Row.

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  8. Killer casual look.


    24/11/2012 - details.

    A bit of color from the weekend.

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  9. I want this tie so badly.



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  10. The perfect summer look. 



    http://the-suit-man.tumblr.com/ | Suits | Mens fashion | Street style | :)


  11. The birthday k(n)it


    went to celebrate a dear friend of mine´s birthay this evening, enjoying dinner (spaghetti with ramson pesto, white chocolat parfait and mince sorbet) and nice talks (including amputations, holidays, weird music, cars, etc.). Yet another good example of why friends are essential for my wellbeing.

    I´ll be flying out to Switzerland tomorrow evening, seeing another friend and spending quality time abroad. Looking forward to getting to know an interesting city and hanging out with a truly jaw-dropping person. Lucky me!

  12. Post-easter blues. 


    i hope you had great easter holidays? 

    Mine were brilliant - spent time with my family, played boardgames, enjoyed good conversations, wine, movies, went shopping with my best female friend and went out for a dance, catching up with lads from my hometown. All in all: i had an amazing time. 

    And now up for supporting la bestia negra en su lucha contra Real Madrid :-)

  13. The opera getup. “Ah! Godiamo, la tazza e il cantico la notte abbella e il riso; in questo paradiso ne scopra il nuovo di”. La traviata di Guiseppe Verdi. #menswear #mensweardaily #ootd #wiwt #style #fashion #instastyle #instafashion

  14. Mr. Flaccavento, ladies and gents. 

    Seeing this picture makes me think of Signore Antongiavanni´s book: The Suit: A Machavallian Approach to Men´s Style. The author has a witty way to deal harsh blows of criticism at this targets, e.g. saying that young guys should never wear bowties or that their lapels should generally rise up to their collarbones. 

    Yet this picture shows that you shouldn´t take things too seriously - just because someone writes a book, he does not necessarily postulate the ultimate truth.

    Read, learn and find your own way. 


    Angelo Flaccavento, … Paris, Champs Elysées

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  15. Strange postures. 


    i don´t know what went wrong today, but somehow i feel like i am looking a bit stout in these pictures. Must be the bad lightning or something. Not that i would bother you much, but tomorrow´s gonna be the last outfit post for the next couple days - i am heading home to celebrate the easter holidays with my family and my closet will stay right where it is. 

    To even top that of, i am attending the opera tomorrow evening: it´s “La Traviata” time. 

    You guys have fun.