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    Rome: day 2 - A brother’s tribute

    After greeting us with a sunny first day, the city suddenly became filled with a grayish tone and the cold and rain made an appearance. Time to throw on the only piece of outerwear I had packed, a camel wool peacoat I had been trying to snatch from my brother’s closet ever since he got it: thankfully a few weeks earlier we reached an agreement… When it comes to outerwear, few other pieces carry the undeniable classiness of a peak lapel double breasted camel peacoat. It was only after a couple of hours that I realized my attire was comprised of several items my brother handed over to me: peacoat, jeans and cotton shopper, so I guess in a way, this is a tribute to him. Love how the camel, denim and dark green shades on the bag, socks and recently purchased watch strap all come perfectly together…

    Details: peak lapel double breasted camel wool peacoat by Our Legacy, jeans by Levi’s (511 slim - tailored), distressed brown penny loafers by Lottusse, aviators by Ray-Ban, paisley burgundy scarf by Zara, watch by Gucci (NATO strap by Smart Turnout), cotton shopper by Driftwood Collective and polka dot socks by Zara. 

    Shot @ Piazza Farnese, Rome 

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