1. Role modelling.




    Breaking: Ralph Lauren announces they are shuttering their Rugby brand in their fiscal reports today.

    It is difficult for me to describe how saddened I am by this.  The image above is one the fall rig shots from my tenure there.  The brand that was put together by Lee Norwood and John Fiske and displayed in that room was classic, irreverent and full of wit and humor.  The designers I worked with there were among the most talented in the business.  When they were allowed to put their product together they way they envisioned it, the end result was one of the most visually impactful brands in the market.  

    Bolded for emphasis. I think Rugby’s end proves that sometimes the guys upstairs don’t always know what’s best.

    What jumps out to me about the above shot is that it looks eminently wearable, unlike much of the Rugby styling; the brand seemed too often to be characterized by styling that required deconstruction to find the individual pieces that were often quite good, rather than styling that fired you up to recombine things a la Rugby. 

    (via darlingxsiren)

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    Ralph Lauren announces they are shuttering their Rugby brand in their fiscal reports today. It is difficult for me to...
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