1. "Menswear rules"

    Ah, beginning is always hard. It accounts both to physical exercise and finding the right entry to put down some thoughts, left alone choosing a title. I am not going to elaborate on the first (as you might suppose)…anyhow, i deliberately chose today´s title to seize the chance to talk about menswear rules (and yes, it does, as it has done over the past 200 years).

    Classic menswear follows a standardized set of rules that haven´t changed that much in the past 200 years - sure, there have been various experiments on lapel widths, buttoning points or leg openings, but all in all the overall aesthetics of classic menswear pieces (jackets, trousers, ties) have been pretty stable. 

    The same goes for rules on “how to dress” properly for certain ocassions. Some are absolutely essential (e.g. wearing identical pocket square and tie is a no-go), some are at least questionable (“No brown in town”) and some are downright outrageous. One of those is, from my point of view, “Blue and green should not be seen”. I never understood why these two colours (they´re from the same colour background) shoudn´t match…and while i follow most of the rules, i certainly don´t abide by this one. 

    Today´s get-up consisted of my favourite MTM shirt, jacket and waistcoat from suitsupply (green in all its glory), blue corduroy trousers and a dark blue woolen tie in a thick herringbone weave. The pocket square brings it all together perfectly: green background with blue edges and small dots. If you take a closer look at the pictures, you´ll notice the “barchetta” breast pocket, the peaked lapels and four different patterns (herringbone, stripes, dots, houndstooth). 

    Apart from that, i can happily announce that my follower-count is close to 2.000 by now - thank you for all your support and i am glad you came here and stayed!

    PS: if you´ve got an instagram account, you might wanna follow me over there, too ;-)

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